Close But No Cigar

Close But No Cigar - Original Score

17 Mar 2017

David recently finished scoring Close But No Cigar, a black comedy feature from Picpoul Pictures.

Tooth Fairy - Best Score Award

Tooth Fairy - Best Score Award

13 Mar 2017

Tooth Fairy has been awarded Best Score at the Screentest Festival 2017 in London.

Wild Side

Wild Side - Original Score

30 Nov 2016

Tomorrow will see the premiere of Wild Side, for which David wrote the original score.


Bedlamite - Original Score

12 Jul 2016

David recently finished scoring the short film Bedlamite, a survival horror story where all is not as it seems.

Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy - Original Score

30 Jun 2016

Last week David finished working on the score for Tooth Fairy, written and directed by Justin Spray.

Missa Maria Magdalena

Missa Maria Magdalena - World Premiere

11 Nov 2015

David's newest choral composition, Missa Brevis 'Maria Magdalena', will receive its first performance this Sunday morning.

There Is No Rose - World Premiere

There Is No Rose - World Premiere

25 Oct 2015

David's 'There Is No Rose' will receive its world premiere at the Malta International Choir Festival, having won the festival's composition competition.


Elsevier Recruitment Film

22 Oct 2015

David recently finished working on the music for a recruitment video for Elsevier, a world-leader in information solutions for the science, technology and health communities.


Inductions - Original Score

20 Oct 2015

Earlier this month David took part in the 60 Hour Film Challenge at the Colchester Film Festival by composing the score for Inductions, a 5-minute short by Elisa Kujala.