Close But No Cigar - Original Score

Friday 17 March 2017
Close But No Cigar

David recently finished working on Close But No Cigar, a black comedy feature film directed by Will and Tom Hutt for Picpoul Pictures.

Entangled in his Uncle's gambling affairs, Close But No Cigar follows Scott and his dim-witted companion, Joel, as they find themselves desperately strapped up in the company of debt collectors, dog thieves and an unsuspected psychopath.

Working alongside with a rich selection of contemporary songs from various UK indie bands, the musical score for the film was written to reflect the somewhat quirky and comical nature of the story. The ensemble consisted of winds (flute, clarinet, contrabass clarinet, trumpet), various acoustic guitars, accordions and percussion, and bass. The score combines elements of folk and jazz music, along with a sense of the avant garde.

Close But No Cigar will be released later this year, with soundtrack selections to follow soon.