Music Teaching

David also offers his knowledge and experience as a music tutor for students of all abilities (from beginners to professionals) in the Oxford and London areas, as well as offering online tuition for composition and theory worldwide over Skype. As well as working with established tutoring companies, David is very happy to hear directly from anyone interested in finding out more details about potentially hiring him as a tutor. Please get in touch if you want to find out more.


As a former organ scholar and Music graduate of the University of Oxford, and with a Masters degree in Composition for Screen (with distinction) from the Royal College of Music and an Associateship diploma from the Royal College of Organists, as well as being a professional organist, pianist and award-nominated composer, David offers pupils a chance to learn from a working professional in several fields of musical study.

Whether you are looking for an academic tutor to prepare for GCSEs or A-levels, or if you are an experienced musician looking for a teacher to hone your skills or offer further guidance, or if you are an absolute beginner interested in exploring the possibility of learning an instrument for the very first time, David would be very happy to hear from you and is delighted to offer himself as a tutor of composition, a piano teacher, an organ teacher, and a tutor of academic music and music theory.



Students interested in composition are offered the chance to explore many different styles and disciplines depending on what the tutee wishes to achieve. Previous musical knowledge is not necessary, although music theory will be taught alongside composition for beginners at no extra charge.

Composition lessons can range from small-scale solo, chamber or song works to much larger orchestral and ensemble pieces. Students can also choose to learn about music technology and production, as well as composition using electronics, samples and synthesisers, although they will need access to these resources themselves in order to be able to work away from the lessons. Dedicated lessons in film music and composition for screen are also available.

Online lessons via Skype are available for pupils not based in the Oxford or London areas, but these might not be appropriate for all styles of composition.


Piano lessons are taught in the tutee's home, so owning a piano is essential. Pupils will explore the piano repetoire from all-time favourites to less well-known but equally rewarding pieces and are offered the possibility to advance through the Associated Board exams if they wish, providing a steady and continuous sense of advancement and development of their musicianship.

Pupils also have the option of preparing for occasional mini-recitals for their friends and family so they can showcase their development, or they can choose to learn for their own personal enjoyment without any need for examinations or performances.


Organ students learn on a pipe organ in a church in central Oxford, or optionally at their own instrument if they have access to one. Focusing on the importance of technique within the various disciplines of organ playing, pupils will learn key pieces from the organ repetoire as well as developing skills such as sight-reading, transposition, accompaniment and improvisation.

Although it is advantageous for organ pupils to have some knowledge of keyboard playing, this is not essential and complete beginners are just as welcome as skilled pianists.

Music History, Analysis and Scholarship

Students currently studying music at GCSE or A-level are welcome in order to focus their knowledge and prepare for their exams and coursework, as well as in preparation for university applications.

Music Theory

Music theory is a crucial basis for all other musical activities, and all music pupils are strongly recommended to study theory alongside their practical lessons. At early levels music theory tuition is offered free of charge to composition, piano and organ students, but at higher levels a dedicated lesson is much more useful when preparing for the essential Grade 5 theory exam.

Rates and Lesson Locations

The standard rate for music tuition is £15 per half-hour lesson, plus any travel expenses when teaching at a tutee's home outside the Oxford ring-road. For more advanced pupils a full hour lesson may be more advantageous, charged at £30 per hour.

All pupils except organ students may be taught at their own home (piano students must be taught at their own home) while organ pupils are taught at a church in central Oxford. Composition and music theory students may choose to be taught at David's home in north Oxford or online via Skype.

More Information

If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss the possibility of hiring David as a tutor, please contact David Allen directly.