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A Deep Breath
A Deep Breath

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Railway Redemption
Railway Redemption

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A Dream Play

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Murder in the Cathedral

Primavera Productions

David Allen is a UK-based music composer for film, theatre, television and classical music. He has collaborated with the BBC Singers, Oxford Philomusica, the Royal College of Music and the Arcadian Singers and award-winning filmmakers. In addition to film music, David is frequently in demand as a conductor, pianist and organist throughout the UK. He is also regularly called upon as a choral composer, and some of his published works are available for sale from the online shop. If you wish to enquire about David’s music or to find out more about working with him as a composer or musician, please feel free to contact him directly.

Recent News


David recently finished scoring the film Kingfish, which tells the story of Rudy, a troubled Caribbean fisherman, as he struggles to prove that he has what it takes to be a “real man”.

Love Never Changes

This week David finished working on the score for Love Never Changes, a romantic comedy directed by Joe Conneely that follows the ups and downs of blind dating for fifty-somethings.

About James

David recently finished working on the score for About James, a short film about coping with an abusive relationship, directed by Elisa Kujala.

From the Blog

John Williams
Sometimes the ideas that come to you while you’re sitting in a recording session waiting for the engineers to fix a broken patch bay are less musical and more apocryphal (in the Biblical sense).

From the Shop

In Flanders Fields

This introspective piece, written for the centennial of the First World War, is based around a melodies that evolve and return in a constant ebb and flow, before gently fading into the distance at its conclusion.

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